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We provide initial site set up construction surveys to determine boundaries and benchmarks, as well as bulk earthwork surveys during demolition. During construction, we provide pre-pour and post-pour surveys for formwork and concrete floor slabs, and external surveys for concrete upstands and fuel tanks. Once construction is completed, we supply as-built surveys for DA certification and final surveys for construction certification.  We are specialists in all aspects of building construction from shopping centres to high rise towers.  

We have taken the time to master all engineering survey types such as geodetic survey and have also mastered all concrete and steel related services, at the same time providing custom resolutions to our clients. We also have photogrammetric survey experts that specialise in obtaining spatial information coming from photographic images.  We have topographic land survey specialists, who can identify and map the contours of the ground and existing features on the surface of the earth, or slightly below or above the surface of the earth.

Our construction surveys determine distances, areas, and angles.  We accurately establish reference points for both horizontal and vertical control. It is important that we set stakes or otherwise marking lines, grades, and principal points. We prepare large-scale topographic maps using plane table or transit-stadia date to provide information for drainage and site design. The precision of measurements from our surveyors is accurate for laying out structure, culverts, bridge lines and much more.

Clemton Park Village

Parkview Group Australia

Located on the former Sunbeam factory site in Campsie, Clemton Park Village is a 76,000sqm mixed used development comprising of The Piazza shopping complex, Outdoor Communal Garden, Retail space, common park facilities and 700 residential apartments.