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Jordan Springs community plans consist of 1,300 new residential lots together with commercial/retail facilities, parks and open space.

Once the scale of the project was fully understood it wasn’t long before a surveyor was needed on site full time. We assisted in the design of deep excavations for Menai Civil to achieve safe, efficient and cost effective Benched Earthwork Excavation up to 11 m deep. We are also providing accurate regular Alignment and Setup Surveys for the underground Boring System achieving highly accurate results over long distances underground.

TSS has been responsible for all site set-outs to date and for all subcontracting crews – stormwater, sewer, culverts, pavements, kerbs, retaining walls, underground services. We are also providing the client with ongoing GPS models, volumes/reports, calc’s of design info.

EW1, EW2 and EW4 were the first earthwork sections to be completed towards the end of 2016. Along with these was the construction of a 1.5km Connector Road linking the subdivision back to Jordan Springs.

TSS continue to push forward with aiding the client with Stormwater Redesigns where issues occur with existing Services and where the Design has not covered an area correctly, complete Design of the Main Bridge Abutment Earthworks (Design & Construct) at the client’s request, UAV Flights for Particular Earthwork Volumes, Imagery and Checks. As well as regular Drafting and Calculating. EW3 is currently under construction and due for completion mid 2017.