Our History2

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Michael Hatton established Total Surveying Solutions in 2004. He saw a need for quality surveyors to provide good customer support and wanted to give an opportunity to developing young talented surveyors. The first clients TSS took on were Trent Excavations and Jim Godfrey Earth Moving. Starting with these two contractors, TSS developed a reputation and a company that was hard working and looked after its clients.

TSS initially worked on just civil projects, but with great work being done by the young team, they started winning the associated building works.

TSS’s success has been based on creating good working relationships with clients and other industry professionals. We try to add value to all our clients and this has allowed us to excel and is the DNA of who we are today. Every business needs to have a solid foundation through relationship and experience. These elements have taught us the correct way of understanding every step along the way.

Early Mindset

The early mindset of TSS was to create opportunities for team members. Not just a focus on business, but for making lives easier for tomorrow, for the future, for us, for our children, and the generations to come.

Early Mentors

The early successes of TSS were in part attributed to Grant Kilpatrick. Michael also gained exceptional knowledge and inspiration from the likes of Brad Sugars and Tony Robbins.

Our history tells us who we are, what we are all about, and where we are right now. The past is a good example of how an individual can grow through hard work and perseverance. TSS is what it is today because of the knowledge and experience gained over the years.